Level 1 – Doing the basics brilliantly

Level 1: Doing the basics brilliantly > More shoppers > Get the basics right

Doing the basics brilliantly is aimed at retailers who may be at the beginning of their Deli journey or have limited space. The aim is to drive more shoppers to your store.


  • If you find that your sliced meat feathers or falls apart, you’ll benefit from sharpening your slice. This will also help you reduce waste
  • To ensure your slicer stays in peak condition, refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines and ensure it is sharpened once a week (depending on volume)
  • You should also ensure knives are kept clean and sharp, and that your set of scales is updated daily with any price changes


  • Ensure you carefully plan your display to make it as easy as possible for customers to navigate your counter
  • Before opening, ensure all areas are clean before putting items in the display window – that includes the display fridge, the trays, the tickets, holders and the fridge window
  • Open up product and place on your display tray with the face of the product towards the customer. This will enable the customer to clearly see it. The ticket with the name and price should be clearly advertised beside the product item


  • If your store requires pre-sliced product for the display, only slice what is required for 2 – 3 hours ahead. This will ensure that product is kept as fresh as possible throughout the day. Our recommend slicing times are above which should cover you for the busiest periods of the day
  • Following these guidelines will enable you to start fresh each morning with minimal waste due to sliced product drying out