Level 2 – Build the basket

Level 2: Build the basket > Increase spend > Manage the shopper missions

Build the Basket is aimed at retailers who are doing the basics brilliantly, but want to make a bigger impact by growing the trend of mission shopping. The aim is to increase the overall basket spend in your store. You can do this by tapping into other meal occasions and opportunities for bulk deli meats.


  • Customers want to buy from people who know more about products than they do.
  • The more you know about your products, the more advice you will be able to give your shoppers on what they are currently buying, as well as how to recommend alternatives.
  • Ensure you taste each product and talk to suppliers to familiarise yourself with each product.


  • Make your deli counter a destination for lunchtime
  • Ensure the food to go lines are adjacent to each other
  • Use in store communications and point of sale to draw attention to the relevant ranges at lunch time
  • Meal deals offer great value to customers, so why not consider developing a deli meal deal
  • Keep pricing communication simple and easy for the shopper to work out


  • Inspire shoppers for dinner time
  • Pre prepare ready meals to pick up any time of the day on the counter, or in a Fridge nearby!
  • Have meal time offers on display at lunch time with potential for an upsell for meals for tonight.
  • Potential to set up a pre order click and collect system