Level 3 – Destination deli 

Level 3: Destination deli > Increased frequency of shoppers in your store > Manage occasions

Destination Deli is the highest level of excellence, aimed at those retailers looking to drive frequency in store. Our advice below is aimed at helping you go above and beyond with your customers, and make your store a destination for deli shoppers.



  • A good salesperson will be able to read their shoppers, tailoring their selling technique to the individual
  • Try and distinguish between browsing customers who are unlikely to buy things and customers who seem to be actively looking for an item. If a customer seems to be browsing without aim, make contact and ask if you can be of assistance. Listen actively before attempting to sell. If a customer seems to be shopping actively, start thinking of an upselling strategy based on their purchase or interests


  • The price of the item you’re going to try and upsell shouldn’t come into play until you’ve already made the case for the item. Connect the most appropriate selection to the customer’s desire and let them consider the price on their own
  • In a scenario where the customer is buying ham may wish to offer the customer a sample of another similar cut, such as turkey on the bone, and explain any promotions to demonstrate value to your customers



  • The surest upsell is to offer additional related items for something a customer is already purchasing
  • Consider the things you would want if you were the customer making this purchase – such as coleslaw, salad items, pickles – all the things necessary to create the best possible experience with the product. Always make it practical for the customer
Deli Experts

A successful ‘upsell’ is one the customer never regrets, because you nailed it! The shopper then becomes a customer for life and asks for you. The point is to upsell for the customer’s ultimate satisfaction. Seek a long-term relationship, so that the customer has someone in the shop they trust and who offers a personal service and make suggestions from the otherwise overwhelming amount of merchandise offered.

True Deli Experts never stop developing their offering

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